About Us

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Our Mission

We are a specialized law firm representing the legal interests of our injured clients regardless of age, race, religion or background. Our positive and highly educated licensed attorneys and staff provide excellent and compassionate representation. We strive to help clients rebuild lives interrupted by devastating injuries. Since we represent the injured we deliver superior service to people who deserve excellence during their time of need. Our goal is to represent clients with experience, honesty, and integrity. We will pursue full legal redress available under the law in all our claims.

We handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents and collisions involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In some cases, an accident is also a workplace incident, such as when an employee suffers a crash in the course of business. These accidents can be devastating, even fatal, leaving the family facing a tragic loss or wrongful death. We are as reliable as Schenectady dentist and we can help. Insurance adjusters often try to minimize damage claims and deflect blame onto the victims, but our attorneys are proactive, effective advocates for our clients. We can help determine if there are outside parties liable for your injuries.